Increasing your online store's reach

Local business no longer has to stay just local
Larger audience

Larger audience

Accessing a national or even international audience allows you to scale your business to meet it's full potential

Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

Once Google has ranked in Google, you'll get a passive stream of targeted visitors who are looking for your products.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Effective SEO for E-Commerce means you'll ultimately get better profit margins on your sales as your marketing costs decrease.

Why E-Commerce SEO with P1 of Staffordshire

E-commerce SEO requires a very specific skillset, you shouldn't look for a general SEO provider because it's likely you won't reach your full potential. Have a chat with us, we'll explain how we'll be able to help you.

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It used to be that you'd open your store, put a sign outside and people would find you. Those were the good old days when running a store was easy. Life's a little different now. These days, the guy around the corner is still your competitor but the store 100 miles away in another city is also able to compete for your local business. Possibly even competitors in different countries.

But there is a plus side to this. As much as a store in another city might be able to use E-commerce to attract and convey your local customers, you also get that same opportunity.

You can set up your e-commerce store and thanks to Google you can attract customers from anywhere in the UK, possibly the world. It's both very simple, and extremely complex.

If you told Google that you sell "Handbags" (for example) you'd have no chance of getting anywhere near the front page of Google. You're competing with 50,000 other stores that might sell handbags.

You could try and be more specific, you could try "leather handbags" but again, that's going to be pitting you up against so me big competitors.

The best way is to be ultra specific like: "Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Handbag"

Now you're competing against a much lower number of competitors just stores that sell this specific Handbag.  Not all of those competitors will have a good online presence so it would leave you with a handful of competitors to beat.

But the really good thing is, when you're ultra specific, you might not get a lot of window shoppers but you'll get more buyers. Someone making such a specific search on Google already knows what they want to buy, they're are just looking where to buy it. (more often than not).

So fewer visitors, but more buyers which at the end of the day is the ultimate goal.

With E-commerce,  it's vital how the website is structured because the power you create from one page could easily be transferred to another page if you know what you're doing. It's called siloing and done well it can have tremendous benefits to your e-commerice business.

With the right Siloing, I might work really hard to get one product ranked in Google so it lands on page 1 of Google's search results, but at the same time, 3-4 more other products will automatically get ranked too, without any extra work done.

Finally, the last component of SEO for E-commerce is the links.The most relevant links are from websites we call 'influencers'. They will generate traffic AND get you ranked in Google faster. Knowing how to source and cultivate these links will make the ultimate difference to your sites ranking.

Get E-commerce right and it can become a steady stream of business that starts to grow organically, the more products you add and the benefits can be massive.

At P1 SEO we really enjoy the challenge of SEO and are experienced in delivering for our clients. If you are thinking about developing an E-commerce store or maximizing your current store get in touch for a free consultation.

Why E-commerce SEO?

The benefits of SEO for E-commerce websites

If you have an E-commerce store as a website, or even as part of your website then you have your very own money making machine. All you need to do is rank your products in Google and you'll have people coming to buy from you 24/7 without you having to do anything more.

You can go from a local store to a national store without having to do anything more than add a fulfillment process to your business.

With SEO E-commerce you are able to scale your business regardless of your location.

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