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AdWords is not for everyone

Adwords is not for everyone, but it is an amazing way to get very targeted people to your website. These are going to be the kind of individuals who become customers because they’re actively looking for the product or service you provide, let me explain.


Firstly, let’s just make sure everyone reading this understands what we mean when we say Google Adwords. Whenever you search for something using Google, the results are returned with some options below and above the main search results, clearly marked with a green ‘ad’. You get the opportunity to bid to take that position in the search results. It’s called Pay Per Click. You don’t pay until someone clicks the advert, but you have to bid the highest to get your advert placed there in the first place.


This is almost like short cutting SEO; you get instant access to people who are looking for your products and services, they are searching them right now. And if you are targeted, they can be in your city too.


It’s not as cost effective as SEO. With Search Engine Optimization, once you are ranking in Google, you don’t have to pay any advertising, it’s free. But SEO can take time. Anywhere from 2 months to 12 months depending on how much competition there is. Adwords starts immediately.


What I love about Adwords is that it’s all measurable.


I know how much it costs me for one person to click my advert and come to my site. I can also measure how many people need to visit my website before 1 of them decided to buy / ring / make contact with me. And I know how many sales I have. Finally, I know what the cost of my product or service is.


This means I can spend a little of Google Adwords, check all the numbers, make sure I am making a profit, then I can scale up my Adwords spend. There are not many unknowns in the process. Let me give you an example.


I set a limit on my Adwords at £1 per click. To start with I spend just £100 so I received 100 people who were interested in my service and clicked to visit my website.


Now, because they were already interested, and I have a good internet site, 10  of those 100 decided to contact me.  From the 10, 4 bought my service. For the purpose of this example, I am a hypnotherapist, so my service costs £199. In this case, it means that I had spent £100 and had a return of £796 (£696 after ad spend).


I might decide to spend £200 next time, just to check the numbers hold up, but once I see that I roughly have 10% of visitors convert into potential customers, and of those hot leads, 40% convert, I can spend £1000 knowing I am likely to make £6000+ back.


Google Adwords doesn’t work for everyone, but if it works for your industry and you’re not using it, it’s a wasted opportunity. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be instead of SEO it can be as well as SEO.