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Why Google should be your best friend

When it comes to digital marketing, for most small business, you only need to think about one thing. Leads. At the end of the day, it’s the result of all this ‘hocus pocus’ that matters, and in this case, the result is how many people pick up the phone, walk through the door and email.


Your online presence is there to do two things. 1 – Convert traffic into new customers and 2 – build a relationship with existing customers. In this article, we’re going to focus on the first, converting traffic.




You’re a business owner. You’re not interested in traffic to your website, or Facebook page like a blogger is. You’re interested in target traffic. People in the right location who are interested in what you have to offer.


I’d rather have 100 visitors come to my website who are interested in my service than I am 1000 who turned up there by accident, you should have that same mentality, and it should be the focus on your marketing strategy.


Google helps…


The reason why Google has become so powerful is their search engine. The way they help people find what they’re looking for online. They have an algorithm that when someone enters some keywords into the search box, the algorithm determines which sites would be of more interest to the searchers. The quality of those results is why we all use Google.


If you can make Google believe they should be finding your website, in some cases it can make your business a guaranteed success. If you are in the top position on the search results, then 75% of people doing that search are likely to visit your website.


That means, by doing nothing more than getting your site found, people will be visiting you every day. It’s the same as having a store in the main street in town, but better, because only people interested in your product or service, right now, are going to visit you.


They are coming to you with their wallets out, credit card in their hand, ready to purchase. All your website needs to do is give them the impression that you are a trusted and respectable company to buy from.


I recently help a driving instructor get to position one on Google’s search. He lived in a small town of only 50,000 people. Getting to the top spot on Google meant that 250 visitors a month visited his website looking for his services as a driving instructor. He’s a one-man outfit. He had more business than he could possibly handle, he ended up teaming up with two other driving instructors just to cover the amount of interest they had.


The crazy thing, only 15% of the 250 contacted him, but that’s 35  people a month wanting him as their instructor.


He did no other marketing then getting his website on the front page of Google and month after month people called and emailed him. Even in a small town, even with a small audience of 250 people a month.


That’s how useful Google can be if you get it working for you. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting Google to love your website and show it to people interested in your services and products.


If you need that steady stream of visitors then you need SEO, you need Google to find you. We can help you with that. For a chat about how many people are looking for you right now, and how we can help them find you, get in touch.


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