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3 Unique & Effective Ways to Boost Organic CTR

Having built on-page content, optimizing the page elements for target keywords and building those quality backlinks can take you to the top of search rankings for the desired keywords. You are getting loads of traffic on your website, calls and emails with some great business deals being closed. You are happy that your business is prospering day in and day out, and you are happy with you’re the hard work and time invested.

Because we are seo experts, our work starts from where the site gets ranked on number one. We think about increasing the Organic CTR then you already have.

You can ask any seo and they’ll likely to recommend you to expand the target keyword list to generate more traffic.

However, this may not be the only way to further grow seo results. As professionals, we focus on developing a strategy to get more traffic from the existing organic search rankings.

Sounds interesting…?

So, how you can increase your site’s Organic CTR? The CTR or Click Through Rate is actually the percentage of the user clicks being generated on your website in the Google’s search results. It is usually represented in percentage like 20%, 10%, 17%, etc.

While the top ranked sites have usually the highest CTR for a specific keyword but it may not always be the same if proper techniques are used. Having a high CTR means high user relevancy to the user’s search query. This shows that your website is well-optimized!

A Data taken from Advanced Web Rankings tells us that the site on the top of the Google’s search results for a specific keyword query gets 31.24% of the clicks. Similarly, the second results receive 14.04%, the third 9.85 and the 4th to 10th results on average 3.73 percentage. Also, it tells that the entire third page or the organic listings get only 1.6% of the clicks.

So, if your website is on the first spot, you will get twice as traffic as compared to your competitors for the same keyword on third of fourth spot in the search results.

In this guide, we will try to explain 3 Unique & Effective ways to Boost Organic CTR. This is done by small tweaks in the title, meta description and page URL.

This means, even if you rank at spot three in the search results, you are likely to get more CTR than that of your competitor sitting on first place in Google.

1: Optimizing the Title

The first thing we’ll do is edit the page title because it is the first and prominent thing that appears whenever some searches for your business on Google. It is quite bold and big text, added on the top of website’s search engine listing.

Assuming that most of you are using WordPress, you can easily modify the page title with seo Ultimate Plugin.

However, those with a static HTML and CSS page style website, simply use the <title> tag for configuring the site’s title.

But how to properly edit the title? Obviously, it must be done with care, as it will be the first part to be noticed about your website.

  • Tell the users about the website.
  • Give them a solid reason to click.
  • Always include the target keyword. This is also a part of on-page seo.

As seo professionals, we will recommend to keep the target keyword close to the beginning of the page’s title. This gives a brisk and easier overview to the user about what he is likely to get in the new window. This dramatically improves CTR.

2: Optimize Meta Description

The next important thing is to edit the meta description and ensure that it is well optimized. It is usually the snippet of the text search engine displays below the page’s title and URL in the listings.

Meta description is commonly misunderstood in terms of seo. Google says that it doesn’t plays any important role in page ranking. However, it does plays a crucial role in determining the organic CTR of that particular page.

Some websites don’t use meta description. Google usually takes a snippet form the text and displays it under the site’s title and URL.

With a properly optimized Meta Description that has:

  • A clear description of what users will get on your page.
  • The benefit of clicking your website.
  • A call to action like “Check this guide”, “HERE”, etc.

3: Using Short and Relevant page URL

If you don’t edit the permalink or URL of the page, usually the page’s title is assigned as the URL. However, keeping your URL short and relevant to the page adds a lot in increasing your site’s CTR quickly.

For example, if the page title is “10 Proven ways to Lose Fat in less than 2 months”, a sensible and well-optimized URL would be, “site.com/ways-to-lose-fat”.

Just in case you think your website isn’t getting the CTR it deserves, you can hire our seo services to boost it.