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Google Says that They Will Block Sites with Misleading Download Buttons

Google has officially confirmed that they will block all the sites that have misleading download buttons. Earlier this year they have confirmed to block the access of the sites with fake or misleading download buttons.

They also said that they will lodge big warnings to site with similar content on their sites. A common example includes the social engineering ads.

Google gave some examples which were:

  1. The website is trying to trick the users to do something that they’ll be doing only for a trusted entity. This can be sharing a password or calling tech support.
  2. The website is pretending to act or appear like a trusted entity and try to induce the user to try their own browser or the website itself.

They’ll give a warning message like this before you can view the actual website.




A few users of WebmasterWorld have shared a number of screenshots that shared some of the Google Adsense ads that appeared similar to the ads above.

So, if any person’s site is flagged for having social engineering content, they’ll have to troubleshoot it with the Search Console in order to unflag it.