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4 Links You Should Build to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings (Here’s How to Get Them)

When it comes to seo, the most time consuming and ‘difficult most’ task is to build links. Not to mention that is as important to build them as it is difficult. No matter how organized and beautiful your website appears, at the end of the day, it’s all about the links.

Not only this, many surveys published on some big companies like Searchmetrics and Moz including other giants as well, tell that marketers view the links as one of the core ranking factor.

Once you have your website filled with great information, engaging content, on-page optimization and interlinking etc. the next step is to create backlinks. However, it seems like a hectic task to get powerful and authoritative links to your website to rank your target keyword.


So, for this reason, we have crafted a very useful guide for you build links easily in 2016. You will learn how to get editorial links and branded one as well. They will not only improve the authority and metrics of your website but also improve organic search visibility and ensure long term stable rankings.

Whether you are a complete noob or in the learning phase, this guide is perfect for you to start building high quality links in no time.

1: Mentions in newspapers and mainstream media websites

Many of the digital marketers recommend to get high quality links from top newspapers like Wall Street Journal or the ‘The Times’. They are like getting golden inbound links to your website. Google considers these websites of great quality and values their links as well. The reason Google values them:

  • Nearly all of the top newspapers have a history that dates back to 1990s and have thousands of quality links. This increases their Page Rank and increase their authority.
  • These sites have very strict editorial process. This means, only high quality and value driven articles are eligible to be published.
  • Readers usually love their content and responds to it. This makes such links of high value, probably beyond an seo perspective. Also, it adds a source of direct traffic to your website.

So, how to get newspaper links?

Many of the seo businesses have made their ways to newspapers via some strategies. The idea here is to attract the attention of the media and write viral content. Getting your content published can be very simple if your article is of high quality. You simply need to contact the newspaper editorial team to scan your content. They’ll read through and see whether or not it is eligible for publishing.

Make sure your content provides value to the readers! If you succeed, the value of such links can be as much as a thousand dollars.

2: Editorial Links

This is what we call the silver links! Grabbing links from authority blogs, especially the ones popular in your niche, can help you get ranking and authority within a very less time. It also drives motivated traffic to your blog.

Just as you get high DA, PA and Page Rank from a newspaper site, editorial links from niche relevant blogs also increase your website’s authority.

It is far easier as well to get links from such websites. The reason here being is that these blogs are usually operated by a single person or sometime a small team of people. You get attention a lot easier. Plus, they don’t have any strict rules, though the quality factor remains there.

Here are some strategies you can apply to ensure an editorial link in your very first endeavor:

  • Try the old-school method and reach the owners via email outreach or through relationship development. Try to focus only those who are relevant to your niche.
  • Always write great content and get in touch with them on Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks. This also encourages them to link back to you.
  • Provide quality, quality and only quality in your content.

In most of the cases, you are likely to get your content published on their website with an editorial link.

3: Recommendations

Getting recommended by other businesses is another way to get quality links on the go. Go through your list and see whether or not you have existing business relationships. This is perhaps one of the easiest way to get inbound links.

You simply need to email your business partner and that’s all required to get an inbound link to your business. Suppose if you are a supplier or a partner, simply ask them if they can link to your websites via the Resources or Partner’s section.

Repeat this process many times in a month, and you are likely to get many inbound links that will increase your website’s authority.

You can also provide a testimonial to your suppliers and write some nice words about their service. Most likely, they will publish your testimonials on their website along with your business link.

4: Bylined Link on Relevant and High Value Publications

You might be running a business and have trade publications. To be precise, nearly all of the industries have a trade publications that is specifically aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs, including digital marketing and to manufacturing.

So, if you have a taste for writing, you can potentially grab some high quality and powerful links simply by contributing to such publications as an expert.

A quick example we see in digital marketing industry is in websites like Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. They encourage the experts to reach out and contribute in their publications. They get publications with absolutely free content while the contributor grabs the free publicity.

Being a professional seo company, we think such links as triple-win for your online business. However, most of the publications require your own name and brand name as a choice of anchor text.

We hope this guide was helpful! If you need help with ranking your website, our seo experts are ready to help you out. Contact us today!